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Adjusting, but Ready (Thailand)


So we are here in Thailand and adjusting to being 15 hours ahead. Today was pretty laid back, not starting till 11am and the Lord knew we needed it. We started our day with a bit of lunch then team debriefing, organizing all the clothes, dinner and a bit of walking around the night bazarr. So pretty chill day. Tomorrow should be much the same before we leave early on Monday morning for the real work.

Highlight was to hear about the work of ITDP. God has really moved in Mike Mann and his team here. Through a large vision and very capable hands they have been able to help villages that are living on less than $1 a day (most of them make around $100 a year!) and get them out of poverty. The village that The Well brought a water system to already has 8 water buffalo, a fish pod, agriculture and latrines! All in one year! It is just amazing to see how this team is bringing the gospel in both word and deed. They are telling a great story with their lives and their work. They are pushing the team and I to consider how we can tell such a story or better yet join their story and make it our own!

Thanks for your prayers and support. We need them!

-Andrew Feil and the rest of the Thailand Team

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