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Colombia Update


Well it has been a few days and a lot has happened.

We had our first accident. while building up one wall and floor another wall fell. Our whole team had been under the wall just moments before. Shortly after stopping for a break while a few men were working near the wall, 2 parts of the wall fell. One of the workers did get injured but God was gracious and he was not injured too bad. Actually he even found the strength and will to come back and work with us the next day. God protected our team and took care of those who were injured!

We were able to go to a few families houses to celebrate New Years. We got to fire off some spectacular Colombian fireworks. And have gotten a good taste of life here.

On Sunday we were able to attend Church in the building that we are both staying in and working on.

We have become family here. We find small ways to communicate and love each other with actions and words.

Today we are working with kids!! We are playing games and doing art. It has been quite the joy.

We have had quite a few set backs in construction but hope to finish the roof/floor tomorrow morning.

Only 2 1/2 days left here. It always seems like just when you become family it’s time to go home…

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