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Only 1 day Left in Colombia


First to clarify… Our whole team is safe ad sound. The worker that got injured was “Flaco” (skinny), one of the Colombian church members who has been helping us. He is doing much better and we continue to pray for him.

We finished the roof/ceiling today!! It was quite an accomplishment! Church and community members came out to help. We were also able to get a machine they call a “pluma”, which is a small crane to pull the cement up to the roof. Which was amazing compared to having a line of people hoisting up heavy buckets of cement. We were quite grateful for the “pluma”.

Today we were again able to work with the kids. We made pillows, necklaces, masks, belts, tambourines, and other fun art. We also played games. It was super fun. Most of the kids didn’t care if we knew any Spanish the talked to us like we did. It was an adventure.

Tonight we got spoiled! Davíd, his wife and some church members taught us how to make Arepas a Huevos y Queso. Basically a Colombian Egg and Cheese McMuffin. It’s Davíd’s favorite meal. After they made a bonfire for us. It was amazing to sit around a fire, talk, laugh, and share pictures.

Tomorrow Davíd and Marina are taking us out on the town. We are going to the salt cathedrals, into town, and out to Davíd’s favorite restaurant for crepes and waffles.

Tomorrow night we head to the airport to catch a 1:30am flight. We are scheduled to arrive in LA about 6:15am and hope to be home before noon.

We will be leaving one family to re-join another…

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