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Colombia Team in L.A.


The team is in L.A. We had a great trip and are preparing to drive back to Fresno.
The first thought that comes to my mind is that we are truly blessed for everything that we have here.
More to come…

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  1. Rob Harris permalink

    To all team members and the friends and family that prayed 4 us and supported us…. What another life changing experience. Our team leaders Dave & Liz did an excellent job facilitating this trip. We fostered new relationships with team members from our church community here at the Well. We were in a God centered manner able to bring new hope to a severly struggling and poverty strickned community.

    I so look forward to developing these realationahips fostered and fueled by God’s love and grace….. Chris, Patrick, AP, Jason, Sarah & Jesse — so great getting to know u better- u are all quality people. I’m ready for another MOB Card Game!!! LOL!!!

    Luv u all….. Rob

    Lastly, it’s good to be home!!!!! What a blessing!

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