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Thailand team in Chaing Mai


The team is back in Chaing Mai after an 8 hour trek out of Mo Ho Jo and DeBucillico.

Our experiences was so rich and amazing. We did a lot of work! The docs/nurses saw over 290 patients. We built the first hydroelectric power station that turns a small waterfall into power for the school, clinic and two houses. We played with the kids thru various VBS activities, we made over 1300 bricks for the clinic and dining facility. We made more rebar, cement and dug holes than we thought was possible. We also laid drip irrigation for coffee plants that will be a douce of income or the community members.

Thanks for all your prayers and support. This trip has been amazing because of you. We will post more stories when we return but just wanted to let our family and friends know that we are safe and healthy. See you all on Saturday!

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  1. barb hofer permalink

    So glad to hear you are safely back in Chiang Mai. Sounds like the team did good.

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