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Learn about & Follow our Extended Family Online


As you may have heard The Well sends out its family globally. We call this “Extended Family” because we believe that they are living out the mission and values of The Well just in a different context. The following is designed to help you learn about and follow The Well’s Extended Family.

Holly – Because of security concerns if you would like more information about Holly’s work in Northern Africa please email Jessie Wilson (Missions Admin).

The Youngs (Jared + Jessica + Boston)
– The Youngs are in their final year of training with New Tribes. They will be returning to Fresno in June to reconnect with The Well family before launching out to Thailand by summer 2011. /Blog./RSS Feed./

Brian – Brian is in the Middle East with Christar. Also because of security concerns we cannot give you more information about him here, but read his thoughts here or email Jessie Wilson (Missions Admin). /Blog./RSS Feed./

Dustin Woida
– Dustin is working with Students International in Costa Rica. He is currently learning Spanish. By this summer he will be launching his own ministry site to host teams from the States. Follow his journey here. /Blog./RSS feed./

For more information on anything “missional” email

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