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Missions Trip to Joni and Friends Family Retreat 2010


This story comes from Amanda Bosworth who was sent by The Well Community Church to join Joni and Friends on their Family Retreat. Missionaries on this trip watch over children with disabilities. By watching the children the parents have a chance to rest and refresh….

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Ben Bartel was one of our two worship leaders for the Joni and Friends 2010 Family retreat. Ben’s Uncle Kellie help start an organization for orphans in Romania called Children to Love. Growing up Ben had heard story after story of the amazing ways God was working in Romania through his ministry and the wonderful Romania people involved. Ben heard so many tales of Lilly, a 14 year old Romanian girl who stormed into town hall meeting demanding more rights for people with disabilities, and slept in sewers with children with disabilities just to earn their trust. Ben’s little heart fluttered for this woman of God and he vowed one day he would go to Romania and meet this Lilly. Each night following a very long and joyful day at camp we debriefed in small groups. I was in a group with Ben Bartel. As we went around and introduced ourselves I saw Ben’s eyes explode from his head when a woman sitting to my right said, My name is Lilly, I am from Romania. Ben quickly made the connection and shared with her why he was so crazily exited. Lilly is a very humble woman and says she just does what everyone should for the children of Romania. Lilly came to Joni and Friends learn about the camp because she will be hosting a camp in Romania this September. Lilly shared how amazing America is for children with disabilities and how she appreciated each one of us so much for giving our time for the mission. She gave me, personally, added inspiration in hearing her tales of having to fight so hard for the children in Romania just to not be put on the streets by their own families. God brought Lilly from Romania to minister for Romania, but Ben from Tollhouse to tell us all about this amazing woman and her Godly works and heart.

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