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The Well = Outstanding Service Organization of the Year!


The Well Community Church recently accepted an award from Hands On Central California for Outstanding Service Organization of the Year! Susan B. Anthony Principal Kim Collins and Resource Teacher Rebekah Mandrell nominated The Well for the support over the several years.

Rebekah had this to say about working with The Well, “I am glad we had the opportunity to honor you all and all that you do!  It has been a pleasure working with all of you!!  We are blessed to have you as part of our Anthony family!!! Thanks again for all of your hard work and dedication to our students and community!!! It is TRULY appreciated!!!”

The Well has been a partner with downtown Susan B. Anthony Elementary for 7 years. The partnership has grown from a Saturday sports program to classroom volunteers, mentors, and summer programs. The last several years have even seen members of The Well move into the Susan B. community to incarnationally love the community.

Each campus at The Well has a Target Neighborhood that they have committed to love on in various ways. North partners with Susan B. Anthony Elementary, Fig with Powers-Ginsburg Elementary and Southeast with Easterby Elementary. This summer Susan B. Anthony and Easterby will have summer programs you can be a part of. Be Jesus in both word and deed this summer! To find out how you can be a part visit the Missions Opportunities or email

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