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Life Change Thru Service!!! (SE Story)


Last night at the SE mens summer life group a guy named Steve came for the first time. He is very new to the things of faith and had had a pretty hard life. In the middle of life group he got Phil’s attention and asked if he could say something. He proceeded to share in front of 20 other guys, many of whom he just met last night, that Jesus and The Well are making a huge difference in his life and that it all started when some people from The Well came and painted his curb next to Easterby during Serve Day. From there he said he is learning about Jesus and his perspective and actions are changing as his heart does. It was powerful! Then I watched as guys surrounded him throughout the night and made him feel like family. Gods church in action is a beautiful thing.

To top it off as I gave him a ride home he asked if he could host a 4th of July block party in his neighborhood and if I thought there would be people who would help him. That’s what I am talking about be changed and go back and love your neighbors and tell them WHO changed you.

Appreciate serving with you guys,

Dave Obwald
Southeast Campus Pastor

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