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Update from Costa Rica…


Hey All…

Andrew Feil here… Denise and I joined the team and Students International on Sunday and have been having a great time traveling to all the sites and being a part of the ministry and the team. The past few days have been great times of each person digging deeper in their ministry site as well as wrestling with scripture and its implications in our lives.

Each morning as a team Students International leads us through various scriptures such as Luke 15 or Matthew 25. These have been really rich times of figuring out how we all steward our talents and intentionally live out our faith. From devotions we break up and go to our various works sites. These sites are a community center, wood working, photography or tutoring. Each site is very unique and run by a SI staff member. SI has a great vision and is continually working with the community to meet new needs and figure out how they can be a blessing in the various communities they serve. From the conversations we have had it seems like many members of the team have seen a lot of similarities between what SI is doing and what The Well is doing in Fresno. Tonight was no different.

Tonight is what SI likes to call Poverty Night. For dinner we had a serving of rice, a serving of beans and a hard boiled egg. Rice and beans because they are cheap and an egg because they are a cheap source of protein. This is a typical meal for a family in poverty. Tonight we learned that the average family in the areas we are ministering makes around $300 a month ($3,600 a year). Which puts them in the extreme poverty category for Costa Rican standards. We wrestled through the poverty we have seen both in and in Fresno and what it means to live in poverty. To say the least this trip has been a challenge to engage with those around us… both in poverty and out of poverty. We have learned that to decide to follow Christ is to love our neighbor. Our neighbor is both a literal neighbor and those in our city, nation and world. We are sad to leave, but excited to come back and be part of the change.

We have tomorrow and Friday morning out our sites before we leave so we are all trying to soak it in and be a blessing and be learners. We will take Friday afternoon off and head into San Jose for some sightseeing before we leave early early Saturday morning. We miss you all! Thanks for your prayers and support!

– Costa Rica Team 2010

*PS – Go USA Soccer!!!!!

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