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Planes should have flux capacitors


So as you have heard we (the Thailand team) have arrived safely here in Chiang Mai. Our flight was rather uneventful and ever so lengthy (17 hours). The good thing is they fed us 3-4 meals and we had our choice of movies, games, and music at the touch of a screen. Once we got feet on the ground we checked into our hotel and then headed to the Lanna Coffee shop that is ran by ITDP. They prepared a wonderful meal for us of fried rice with an egg adorned on top and some, what looked like chicken mcnuggets on the side. To wash all of that goodness down we had some refreshing iced coffee. There is nothing like coffee that  has been hand picked by local villages from around here and roasted 15 feet from where you having lunch.

The rest of our day consisted of ITDP orientation and a small sight seeing tour of a silver shop and a handcrafted Teak wood store (some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture and trinkets you will ever see). Tonight we are headed to the night bazaar to do some window shopping and/or actual shopping. We’ll see how long we last as most of us are dragging our feet from the travel earlier today.

Tomorrow we head into the Huay Pu village of the Lahu people to start our 10 day building project to bring these people some fresh water to their village. We will send out another blog post once we come back into Chiang Mai as there is no internet (let alone electricity) out in the village.

As a group we are connecting really well. God couldn’t have concocted a better team for this trip and I look forward to seeing how we will work together once the dirt starts flying tomorrow.

-Pray that our cohesiveness as a team bonds even stronger as the trip progresses and that God will work not only in our lives but the people around us.

-Pray also that we will be modeling Christ even when the bugs are biting and sweat is dripping and the rain is pouring.

-Pray that we are lights in this area of the world where there is ever present spiritual darkness.

-Pray that we stay in the Word of God regardless of the distractions of culture shock and glean from it as much as possible.

-Pray that we finish the task of the water project.

-Pray without ceasing.

Jared Young for the Thailand Team

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  1. Maggie Hofer permalink

    Thanks for keeping us updated! Praying for the team!

  2. Shannon Horiuchi permalink

    Yes! Thanks so much for the timely update! I will be praying for the team. It’s wonderful to know that you are all bonding well. I can’t wait to hear the stories of how God is using each of you.

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