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News from Thailand Tram


Just had an update from Thailand. Ed was able to get a text out. All is well. It’s very hot and humid but they have had very little rain which is a blessing.
The project is going well. There pipes are in all the way to the village, the tank is done and they are doing the finishing work on it. They are almost done with the filter as well. Everyone has stayed healthy. Thank for you prayers for the team.
Posted by Darlene Hanson

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  1. David & Karen Angel permalink


    Thanks for the update. Any news is much appreciated!! We felt that no news was good news and your update confirms that to be the case! Our gracious Lord is answering all our prayers and directing their every path in Thailand. It is great to here the work is progressing so well. We will continue to pray for continued good working conditions and their good health!

  2. Shannon Horiuchi permalink

    Thanks for the update! Its good to know they accomplished their task. We will be praying for safe travel and an easy adjustment to the time difference when they get home.

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