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WSM Costa Rica :: …It’s Just Different


We have come to a culture that is not right and it is not wrong…it is just different.  They hold to different values than we do.  They see the world completely differently than a North American like us would. One thing we know for sure is that we are not introducing Jesus to these people.  Prayerfully we are furthering the Kingdom of Christ.  In training we invented cultures, made some people feel uncomfortable by trying to get them to adapt to our way of living (again in training with only our people), and saw a world that is big.  Costa Rica has 4 million people in the country with 2.2 million of them living in the city of San Jose.

In studying the parable of the Sower today, we came to the conclusion that in this instance we are the one sowing the seed.  We are placing seeds into different grounds and beginning to see a harvest that is ready.  Students International has been here for about two years and we have the privilege of being a part of that team for two weeks.  That honor comes with a great amount of responsibility as well.  How will we steward the relationships that they have been building into?  Are we ready for the tasks and troubles that come our way?  I can assure you this group is ready for the job at hand.  These students are amazing and will represent Christ, The Well, and SI with a high level of respect and strength.  Tomorrow is our first full day of on-site ministry.  Please be praying for our team as they go in the “the field” and begin the work of the farmer. We are sowing new seeds and getting the great honor of reaping a harvest that we did not begin.

We ended the night getting to see three different cultural food processes.  How to brew a true cup of Costa Rican coffee, how to make a corn tortilla, and then we got to taste some pretty strange, amazing, and delicious tropical fruit.

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  1. July.13.2010

    Thanks for posting pictures. So good to see you all safely arrived in Costa Rica! May God bless this time for your team!

  2. Kaitlin/Devyn/Emily permalink

    We miss you Gonzo and Melissa and Maddi! Can’t wait to see you! 🙂

    -Kaitlin 🙂

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