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WSM Costa Rica :: Team Update of 1st two days


What an amazing two days we have had.  Wed and Thurs were the first two days of on-site ministry.  The teams are broken up into four locations.  They consist of Construction (which is actually in two areas of typical construction and also woodworking with kids), Social Services (think Saturday Sports), Media & Communications (They are starting a photo studio and ministry for kids of the neighborhood, and Education (tutoring center for the schools in the area…they are in school right now and on a week long winter break).  The students are amazing.  They are jumping in and doing exactly what I knew they would do.  Love on the people of Costa Rica just a like Christ would.  Accepting them as they are, attempting to become like the culture they are living in, and use whatever amount of broken Spanish they know.  Internet is slow and tough to put too many pictures up so you will have to wait till we get back.  Our living situation is better than we could have expected.  We live in a hostel type house that has about 30 people here right now, all high school students and all part of Students International.  It has been fun to watch our students welcome in the other group to where we are really are one big mission team.  God is beginning to work in big and small ways for the students individually and as a group and we trust that He will continue for the time we are here.  Please pray for continued good health for the team and that God opens doors for SI and the new ministries He has started here in the last year and a half.

Here are some quotes from the students, mostly silly, but also some wisdom from what they have seen.  Enjoy!

“Don’t eat peppers when your youth pastor tells you that they are going to be fine and not too hot.”  -Fletcher Klassen

“Pura Vida” –Rose Torres

“I got to ask a store owner for trash bags in Spanish and he understood me and gave me trashbags.” -Ryan

“God is putting everyone to work in the place where they are best being used”-Sean

“Fun to see people everywhere are just people.  No better and no worse, just God’s people”-Tim

“Always go left”-Kendall

“We Lo (love) you”-Kendall again

“I am going to move here to eat pineapple forever”-Randi

“It’s not better or worse, just different” (words of wisdom from the SI leader)-Jeff

“It has been an awesome experience with tons of cool people”-Michael Greilich

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  1. Mrs. Sharwood permalink

    Are there any pictures to share? Randi, have you gotten me present yet?

  2. Malynda permalink

    Bring me back a pineapple!!!

  3. kendallcrews permalink

    hi kendall, papa and i are praying for you and the group.I pray you are finding food you like. Love from both of us.

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