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Swaziland Blog #2. God’s work is getting done!


If only there was some way to speed up air travel. Our team safely arrived in Swaziland, South Africa forty-five hours after leaving Fresno on Monday afternoon. Between delayed flights, an adventure taking the BART in San Francisco, and attempting to sleep in awkward positions throughout our South African plane, we touched down in Johannesburg on Wednesday morning! Greeted by large World Cup advertisements, life size African soccer players plastered on billboards, and the aftermath of a country whose drawn the attention of all nations over the last month, we headed out for the landlocked country of Swaziland (yes you can expect some vuvuzelas to come home to the Fresno!). Driving five and a half hours through Eastern South Africa (which looked a lot more like the San Joaquin Valley) we arrived in Tshanenie to the Managa Lodge. Catching up on some sleep, settling in, and being greeted by a pet zebra, nasty bee-ant-worm insects, and monkeys we were ready to roll out in the morning. Our team split into two, working on constructing two new safe homes (1 bedroom 8 X 8 cinder block home) for orphans who are head of their households. Working with the local Swazis, we dug out the foundations with the professional contractors, mixed and poured concrete (this is where you wish you had a dump truck and mixer), then began to lay the brick. Amazing what was a few Africans, soon turned into a whole community of neighbors coming in the afternoon and all working together to build this structure (almost like Extreme Home Makeover)! As I sat back and really took in the villages we rolled through and watching the first day of work projects, you can’t help but be overwhelmed by God’s fingerprints all over these people and our team. The beauty in the land doesn’t compare with the warmth and open arms we have been received with by these people (they have been preparing for our arrival for the last two weeks!). Yet what strikes me is the sense of community they have where a whole village will turn out to work on a home for one of their own, a strong statement about what it means to sacrifice individuality for the betterment of whole. Maybe this was an example of what the first church was all about….”And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need.” Acts 2:44 – 45 Matt Abajian for the Swaziland Team

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  1. Lisa permalink

    We are so glad that you got there safe and sound. Our prayers with be with you and the team as well as the African people.

  2. Grandparents of Tim Souza permalink

    Hello to the Costa Rica Team! We are praying that the Lord will use you in a mighty way in Costa Rica. May the interaction between your team and the Costa Rica people be a great learning experience for both sides to grow in Christ. Our prayers for a safe and healthy experience are with you each day. May you come home with a wider view of the world and a greater love for God. Richard and Carol Souza

  3. July.16.2010

    Sounds like a trip for the whole church to experience. Thank you for sharing all that is happening and we look foward for more of the same. May the Lord bless and keep all of you safe and in his arms. And for Jaime speical prayer for rest and devine appointments.

  4. July.17.2010

    You are all in our prayers for God to use you in new ways for His Glory. Love You

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