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Swaziland Blog #4 Building Upon the Foundation


Written by: Katie Williamson

July 15, 2010

From the start of the day (and really the whole trip) it has been wonderful to see all of us as a team smiling and laughing, and today out in the villages it was no different. Our team split again into our same two groups as yesterday and went out to continue working on building the two homes. Yesterday we worked hard with the Swazis digging and laying the foundations for both houses. After a lot of digging yesterday, we were finally able to make some cement and pour the foundation so it could set over night.

At both sites today we worked on building up the walls, and ran into a few delays with getting water and more cement. The pump that supplies the water in both villages is broken, so we had to go down to the river and fill up drums of water to bring back to both construction sites. It sounds much less involved than it actually was! You know, just your average four wheel drive down rocky roads to the river, then through the river, where all 20 of us jumped out and filled 6 huge barrels of water with milk cartons and random cans and plastic. And don’t worry moms—we didn’t see any of the crocodiles…today 🙂 Despite the “delays,” we had so much fun joking around and talking with the Swazi people volunteering and working with us. We didn’t get the walls as high as we originally were hoping for, but there was still significant progress on the houses.

Hope Rises has been coming to Swaziland for about 2 ½ years now and the Lord is definitely building up the foundation they have already set. It has been so great to already be a part of the building process with them—both through physically helping build these houses, and emotionally and spiritually through praying for the people and seeing the Lord building them up. Yesterday we began laying our own foundations as we met the people living in the homesteads we were building at and prayed for opportunities for relationships and to share Christ’s love. Today it was such a blessing to arrive at the homesteads and immediately be greeted by the people we met yesterday, see the Swazi volunteers already hard at work, and continue throughout the day laughing with one another and having such a wonderful time. We are excited to see what the Lord continues to do throughout our time here, and all of us are praying that in everything we do God will receive all the glory. Our desire as a team is for the people we meet to see something different in us (Christ), and through that we can share the gospel. We are praying that God will speak through us and open our eyes and hearts to opportunities to boldly share His love. Praise be to God for the great number of blessings he has given us already on this trip—there is just not enough room to list them all here!

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  1. Patty permalink

    Thank you for all the updates! It is great to hear what God is doing. I continue to lift all of you and the work you are doing in prayer and that the Lord will be glorified and those around you will feel the Love of Jesus.

  2. Megan Abajian permalink

    Know that you are so very covered in prayers! Back home we miss you tons but are even more excited to hear and know that God is working so deep within and through you as a team. Can’t wait to see all the pics!!

  3. joyfulwilliamson permalink

    Katie It is almost like I can see the people so gracious and helpful. What a treasure to be there and help these dear ones. I am praying as are others for your team. Your dad is here today, I went after him in Thousand Oaks today, we literally crawled home at 20-30 mph. Love you dearie. Nana

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