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WSM Costa Rica :: Week #2


After a day of church and family time in the park we will spend the night together as a team preparing for what is to come tomorrow and beyond. Our teams will jump back into the ministry that they started last week with hopes of progressing on relationships, projects, and starting new ones. The beauty of our missions trip is the diversity of what they are doing. Our students are on four different teams doing great ministry all over the city. Be praying as they ramp back up for week two, that they set their minds to the tasks that need to be done, have a heart of service like Christ would, and that they receive comfort from God as we are all missing family and friends. I know this week will go quickly, but the impact on both us and those who we minster to will be eternal.

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  1. July.18.2010

    Thank you for the update! So glad you’ve had some time to rest and reflect this weekend. We are missing our girls but cannot wait to hear about their time in Costa Rica when they return. Audrey & Steve Monke

  2. scott rurik permalink

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for the updates. Press on!

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