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WSM Costa Rica:: Last Night Here


Today night is our last night here in Costa Rica and there are mixed emotions among the team. Happy to be going back but also processing what life is going to look like back in Fresno. We all came to this trip 2 weeks ago excited to do work for God. We leave with God doing work in us.

Today was a half day for us. Which means we went to our work sites in the morning which was enough time for us to say good-bye to the friends that we made here. From there we got to shop for a few hours. After that we had one last meal together with the SI staff. We got to talk about these last 2 weeks and what we saw and what we learned. Then we got to watch an awesome video made by the photography team. ( we each got one, so if you want to see it please let us know).. Now we are back at our hostel and packing and getting ready to go back to Fresno tomorrow.

Please pray for us tomorrow as we are traveling back to Fresno. It is a long day of traveling for us with little sleep.

We are so excited to see family and friends and we cant wait to tell you all about it. So please ask us. 🙂

Thank you to all of you who have kept us in prayer and who have supported us. We couldnt have done it with out you.

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  1. Lisa Ramsey permalink

    Cant wait to see all those precious faces tomorrow @ lax!

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