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Swaziland blog #8


Ryan and Matt Roper left us this morning. We sent them off with prayers and well wishes for their 48-hour tour. Their wives and kids will be happy to have them home, but we are already missing Matt’s mad DJ skills in the Kombi (van), and no one will be able to wear an impala-skin loin-cloth quite like Ryan (Utube video is in the works).
We had homestead visits today in Tncasavenini with Nomsa Banda, a caring and charismatic woman who has been elected by the community to visit the sick, many of whom are suffering with HIV or TB. We brought clothes and small care packages of medical supplies like gloves and bandages. Just about the time our team would feel overwhelmed by the suffering and such scarce resources; we would pray and Nomsa break out in her powerhouse gospel voice into a chorus of “We are the Winner’s in Christ our Lord”. It was a reminder that God gives us victory even over a life-altering epidemic like HIV/AIDS.
A highlight of the day was giving out our first Proclaimer to Nomsa. These are battery, solar powered gadgets that have speakers to broadcast the New Testament in SiSwati. Nomsa and Eunice, another woman in the community, were very excited to hear the bible in their native language and to use them to share Christ’s message of hope at the carepoint, where they feed HIV orphans in the community.
The highlight of my day was trying to carry water in a bucket on my head to the women cooking at the carepoint. I got about 100 feet before I realized I was too melula(weak), and a Gogo (grandma) 20 years my senior had to rescue me and carry the bucket the rest of the way. I was excited to gain access into the kitchen at the carepoint, the secret world of women, and watch as the women prepared our lunch of chicken stew and rice in enormous black caldrons over open cooking fires- puts my microwave skills to shame.
After lunch, our umalungu (foreign) men, did an impromptu “Whose Line is It Anyway” version of VBS bible stories with SiSwati interpretation. Mandla AKA Chris made a convincing blindman- especially when he was almost mowed down by a baki (truck), with his blindfold still on. The children were entertained and seemed to get the message of Christ’s healing power. I’m sure the guys will be even more convincing in their roles, as their facial hair reaches true biblical proportions at the end of our time in Swaziland.
Blessings to you our family and friends,

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  1. Robyn Bahne permalink

    So excited to hear of how God is working in and through you each. I love reading all the blogs. My prayers continue to be with you each..(hugs and love to you EM….mom)

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