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Swaziland Blog #9: Be Still


“Actions” and “doing good works” seem to always follow in the language used in mission trips. Most people have asked this team at some point before we left for Swaziland, “What will you be doing over there?” The idea accompanies the trip that if I am doing something out here such as building a home or mixing cement or having a deep conversation with another, then I am fulfilling the purpose of why we flew out here. God has a funny way of taking that idea and flipping it around. He has shown this team that actions are good, but ultimately it’s about being faithful and obedient. In that, God is present, and we have the joy to witness it first hand!

On Friday our second work project started at the Fondoje care point in remodeling a kitchen/shed. Care points have been set up around Swaziland by the government to provide a place for orphans to come and be fed and for volunteers to have access to secure storage and proper cooking facilities. The care point is owned by Hope Rises and the food is donated through UNICEF to three older ladies who have been appointed cooks. These ladies have taken the food for themselves for the last few years (either selling it off or keeping it for themselves) and have chased away many of the orphans who come around to get fed. They have provided excuses that the care point is unsafe to store food in and the kitchen there is in poor condition. This is a very sad scene to witness in Fondoje; evident in the tagging on the care point walls by children slandering the women working there.

What has been amazing to witness all day Friday are they young men and older women from the community showing up at the care point and beginning the work in remodeling it. Its their message to the three ladies that they are tired of the corruption and are ready to taking back control of the feeding of the orphans. Imagine seeing women mixing cement, men laying brick and mortar, and children playing soccer and games around the care point all in righting an evil. Beautiful! And in all of this, it didn’t matter what WE as a team DID. Maybe a mission’s trip isn’t about what you accomplish, but more about laying everything you have at the feet of Jesus and allowing Him to be God!

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Matt Abajian for the Swaziland Team

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  1. Debbie & Ralph Abajian permalink

    Hi Matt,
    What incredible e-mails from your team. God is doing a might work in the lives of the people of Swaziland throught all of you, and it is apparent that your lives are being changed as well. We can’t wait to have you home and hear more about this amazing experience. Been lifting all of you up in prayer. We love you and miss you.
    Hugs from Mom & Dad

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