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Summer programs a HUGE success!!!


This past summer saw the continued evolution of our Target Neighborhood Ministries. Below are wrap-ups for the Susan B program and Easterby program…

Three evenings each week for the past two months have been spent with the kids in the Susan B Anthony Neigborhood.  The summer program took place at Ted C Wills and included a variety of activities such as art, sports, martial arts and gymnastics. The kids had fun with bubbles, and books, and colors and most of all just enjoyed hanging out with people who care about them.

This was a great program for the kids to stay busy during the summer and at the same time were able to stay connected to the volunteers that have been a consistent influence in their lives.  It also served as a great transition to the upcoming year with the kids at Susan B Anthony and it made everyone kind of look foward to school starting again.

The following is a write up from Holly Garcia, who coordinated the Easterby Summe Reading Program with the Southeast Campus:

“The Easterby Reading program was another success this summer! We had an average of 15-20 kids and 15 volunteers.  The majority of the kids were returners from last year. We as volunteers had a wonderful time investing in their lives and building relationships.  Not only did we read, but we also learned Wushu (Chinese martial arts), how to tightrope, and how to make an effective paper airplane. Our summer included field trips to the Fresno Grizzlies game and the Fresno Zoo.  Sounds fun, right? 🙂 Having fun with the kids gave us the opportunity to get to know them and let them know that they can turn to us if they ever need anything.

Ultimately, our main goal was to witness to these kids and show them God’s true love through our actions, words and time spent.  A few of the children have started coming to church with us and now they have the opportunity to get connected with the body of Christ.   The summer couldn’t have gone any better and we can’t wait for next summer to come around so we can have some more fun with the awesome kids from Easterby!”

God is moving in our communities as the people of The Well live on mission. If you want to get plugged into any of these local opportunities email for more information!

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