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too much traveling, too much tiredness, too much awesome


hello all. well, if you are reading this, you are either a friend, family or some innocent bystander who just so happened to stumble upon this blog. if you happen to find yourself in the latter situation, life is about to get real, for the rest of you who both love and care, hello! or should i say “hola”! im proud to say that we are alive and well. it has been a gong show of a traveling experience with having to drive down to L.A only to wait in long lines, test our patience and anxiously await our time to sit in a giant metal tube with wings and share personal space with complete strangers.
all in all, it has been a great trip, the group has now gone to their home stays, where they will be sharing life with a family for the next couple weeks. today has been a day of rest and lounging, with a dabble of recuperating. with that said, i have a giant meal to reconcile myself with, followed by strong dosage of hanging out.
you guys can look forward to hearing from the rest of our team each day/night. hopefully we will be giving you, our precious audience a slice of what is happening here through the different perspectives of our team. well, im feel a little delirious/tired right now, so i will end with this; peace in the middle east my friends, or the as the ticos would say, pura vida (that translation has nothing to do with the previous phrase, it just sounds cool).
awesome. well. this is anthony “ap” armour, the semi trustworthy and extremely average leader signing out. boom.

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  1. FLORA LAUGHLIN permalink

    Praise God you all arrived safely none for the wear an tear of traveling but I know you will all be good as new come morning. Enjoy your stay
    God Bless all of you!!
    Love Rachel’s grannau

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