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Day 2 – Life with the Queen of Costa Rica


Hi everyone. So like AP said we have all meet our house families. Lets start this off by telling you a little bit about our house momma aka the Queen of Costa Rica! We were greeted with the customary kiss…thank goodness we were warned about this tradition. Our first meal was accompanied by FROZEN silverware…she informed us this is a tradition in her family that is done in order to keep insects away. I guess were lucky because she says NO INSECTOS EN MI CASA! La comida….lets just say we are definitely not going home hungry. O ya and we woke up to loud jazz music followed by our Queen Momma yelling in the hallway GOOD MORNING CHICAS!!!!!! =)

Today we had orientation at the SI directors house. We started the day with our devotional time together. We will be studying 1 John during our time here. It was awesome to be engaged in the word as a team and we are looking forward to what God has in store for us and our time in Costa Rica. We played a very interesting game where we had to act out different cultures…the point we realized was to see how judgemental we can be when we first meet and interact with people from different cultures. Today we learned all about safety….so dont worry everyone, we know how to look the danger in the eye! đŸ˜‰

Alright well as we sit here and finish this blog were both staring at each other in fright…WE SMELL FISH…for those of you who know us, we hate fish…but as informed earlier in orientation we have no choice but to eat it! O boy this night could get really interesting…but anything for our Queen of Costa Rica. We have loved our time blogging to you all but we have to go embark on the journey ahead. CHOW!

Jessie and Justine

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  1. FLORA LAUGHLIN permalink

    Thanks so much for the up-dates we at home love hearing how all of you are doing!!! Keep the news coming an God be with all of you………..
    Love Rachel’s grannau

  2. Scott Barnes permalink

    Hello team and my daughter Jessie, proud of all of you, nice to see your with the Queen of Costa Rica, I’M sure the Palace is awesome, LOL, anyway happy your all safe and once again doing the great work of our Lord Jesus Christ, you all in my prayers and thoughts love you all and love you Jessie.
    Love Dad

    ps; Jessie if you get this Mak and Michelle make it to Thailand as well safe and sound.

  3. Julie Smith permalink

    You had to eat fish and you got stung my a Jellyfish my little Justine..I am so blessed, as you are too, that you have this experience now. When my childrens eyes are opened up to this big huge world God created, it gives you a new meaning to life and a new perspective. I love you and excited to see you on Sunday and hear everything. Thank you for keeping in touch.

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