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Worksites. Day 1.


Hola personas el inglesia estados unitos.
I don’t know spanish, but I’m trying. I am Luke Algrim writing from San Jose, Costa Rica to tell you about my day.

Today, Wednesday, was the first that we traveled to our worksites. We all spilt up into groups and went to one of several worksites that we will be helping with over the next ten days or so. Each group is merged with a couple peeps from Neighborhood church, in Visalia.

My team is a group of three and we are helping in the wood shop. The long term missionary heading up the wood shop is Jeremy Jansen; a super-awesome, buff biker man. I have only known him for one day but i like him.

Jeremy and the wood shop ministry are legit. Here is why: The community in which the ministry resides is a high poverty area in which residents don’t often have hope of escaping the cycle of generational poverty. He trains the young teenagers in a practical skilled labor, wood working. They learn everything from measuring to routing to cutting to designing. The advanced students are currently building classy medicine cabinets for their own homes. These classes will give them a serious step up in the job market as well as lots of exposure to an outstanding christian male-figure (many of the students don’t have father figures).

Conversations with Jeremy are insightful and educational. Working in the shop requires learning, patience, and a decent amount of sweat. I have only been for one day but i like it and I am greatly looking forward to spending the rest of the time with him and the SI staff, the local students, and the rest of our amazing team.

Peace and Love,
Luke Algrim

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