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Costa Rica on a Saturday (beach day)


Costa Rica: Kali Style
Hi to friends and family. Thanks so much for keeping up with us, I hope you are enjoying reading about our adventure as much as we are having it!!
We´ve been here for a week, we´re already halfway through! I can´t believe time has gone by so fast. Our days have been long and full and full of new experiences, at least for me. I spend most of my days at the tutoring center in Los Guido with Jessie and three people from the Visalia team. The tutoring center is run by the amazing Krista. It has been really interesting to watch and learn from the awesome job she does. And hanging out with the kids is so much fun! Even though there is a language barrior, we are able to help them with math and English. The kids are so sweet, and so polite. It is really fun to watch them interact with each other and the rest of us, it shows how no matter in what country they grow up, kids are still kids.
Addie and I are staying with the same host family. Our host mom is the sweetest lady I have ever met! She doesn´t speak much English, so we don´t talk to each other directly, but I don´t have to share a language with someome to understand their caring nature. That is one thing about the Costa Rican culture I have come to love, their generosity and hospitality. That, and all the amazing food!
The Student´s International team has done a wonderful job of introducing our group to the culture. There are a lot of differences between the culture here and in America. We have been learning the importance of understanding and embracing the culture of a people you want to help, instead of imposing your own culture onto them. We have been able to observe how the SI team has done this at their many different sites. It is encouraging to see the team working alongside the people day in and day out. On the other hand, it is kind of sad to see the different ways American culture has wormed its way into Costa Rica. While riding the bus through the neighborhoods of typical rainbow colored houses you can find a sign pointing the way to McDonalds, and there is a grocery store near our homestays that accepts American dollars.
Today we went to the beach. It took about two hours to get their, but I´m not complaining. The whole trip was through mountains covered in a lush covering of green. To me it looked like a jungle, with all sorts of different trees. I kepts taking pictures out of the bus window, but no camera can really do it justice. The beach we went to was beautiful. It looked like the jungle ran right up to the start of the beach. The sand is really fine and soft, in some spots your foot would sink in all the way. The water was very warm, but still refreshing. Some of the staff was teaching us how to surf. It´t a lot harder than it looks, but so much fun! I was able to stand all the way up once! On the way home, we stopped at a bridge and got out. The bridge goes over a river where crocodiles like to hang out. Sure enough, we got to see some enormous crocs!! I felt like I should have been on animal planet or something, it was so awesome!
Thanks everyone for keeping us in your prayers. It has been great being a small part of what God is doing here in Costa Rica. I am gaining a new appreciation for how great and good He really is. We´ll be home soon! Love you Mom and Dad.

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  1. Anne permalink

    Good to hear you are having a good experience!! We love and miss you honey! Take lots of pictures. Love Mom and Dad.

  2. July.4.2011

    Thanks for the update, so awesome how your all will be changing the lives of all whom you interact with, know your in our prayers and love you all. Love to jessie from Dad

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