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Pura Vida!


Hola mis amigos, Teryn here writing from Costa Rica. Let me just start off by saying that words cannot do justice to what we are all experiencing here. I think about going home and how I am going to convey to my friends and family how amazing and life altering this trip has been, pictures and stories are not enough. For those of you who have family members or friends on this trip ask them to read a page of their journal to you, that is what I think is the best way for us to share our experience through thoughts, memories, emotions, and experiences. This place is amazing and Students Internations is phenomenal! They pour so much of Gods love into this country and the people that reside here. They have helped to show me an example of Gods purpose for us all… to LOVE eachother and HIM.
I work at the sports site under Diego, who serves the children of La Capri, Las Fuentes, and Los Guidos every week. These kids follow him and admire him so much, rightfully so because he is pretty awesome. I have never played so much futbol aka soccer in my life, literally I hadnt played since kindergarden. It gets tiring to play the same sport all day long in humid climates, but once you see the smiles on these kids faces it is all worth it. I would play everyday for the rest of my life if I can just see their faces light up. One thing we learned here is that kids are kids anywhere you go. They are so care free and naturally loving, it inspires me everyday to try to love like a child. They come and sneak attack you with a bear hug, want you to play with them, and want nothing more in return than a high five, it is my belief that God shines brightest in children. One child named Fraizer touched my heart, and honestly I think we only spoke maybe 3 words to one another. He didnt need words to show how lovely and sweet he is, I saw a light in him that I hadnt seen in a while, I was mesmorized by him and loved him immediately. I dont know this kids life story, I dont know if I will ever see him again while I am here, but what I do know is that he will always be in my heart and he opened my eyes to the ability to love a complete stranger just for being who they are.
Please pray that we will all return home safely saturday night/sunday morning, but even more so pray that we come home and never ever forget what we saw and learned here. Pray that we can apply our experience in our community or other communities around the world. And finally pray that we will continue to shine bright and love unconditionally as God has called us to do.
We love because he first loved us…

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  1. Jessie Wilson permalink

    I LOVE reading everybody’s entries! Thank you for posting! Your team is being prayed for big time! Can’t wait to hear all the stories when you get back! Tell the team I’m so thankful we sent each and everyone of them there!

    PS… I miss my roomie!!!!!!!! Rach, ready for you to be home! Juju and Jessie, can’t wait for coffee time!!!

    • thewellmissions permalink*

      Miss you too Jessie! I miss my Charlie something fierce! I can´t wait to hold you both in my arms!

  2. Scott permalink

    I too am very thankful to hear from you, as all of you spread the love of Christ and work to help others is to be commended as god is awesome, I am praying for you all and Love to my daughter Jessie

  3. Nicole permalink

    Yay Teryn! I have been checking everyday just waiting to hear from you and excited to hear about your experiences there. We all miss you so much but know you are doing amazing things there. We love you and pray for you everyday! Have a safe trip home and we can’t wait to see you!

    Love Nikki

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