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Costa Rachel.


Hello dear family and friends (and Charlie),

Rachel here… just bringing you your daily dose of shenanigans from Costa Rica….I´ve decided the easiest way to do this is to just tell you about today….otherwise this would become very long winded.

Today our team (sports group) served in a local community called La Caprie. It is about a 15 min bus ride away from our central location in Desamparados. This was our second time in this community (we hop around on a daily basis). Upon arriving we were greeted by THE one and only DEIGO! Deigo is a local here in Costa Rica and he pours out his heart on a daily basis to the children in these small local communities (seriously you can´t be around this guy and not feel the radiation that beams off of his smile). He works for Students International and he pretty much puts the Awe in Awesome everyday of his life!

I was given the task of hanging out with all the ninos (small children/toddlers) from a local day care. At first I was like, “hmmmmmmmm, what to do with 8 ninos?”…and then I was like, “Football” (soccer)…if there is one thing in Costa Rica that everyone loves and never gets sick of it´s soccer!! The children were all so full of energy and they took direction well (they put up with my poor spanish). After playing for about an hour they decided they wanted to move onto baseball. Oh man. This was HILARIOUS! Imagine you are an alien trying to communicate to an earthling….yup, that´s pretty much how I felt as I attempted to explain the game of baseball to the little baby children. They ran the bases backwards, forwards, down the middle….outfielders being infielders….those on base catching their own teams balls and running with it. You name it they did it! All the while I was demonstrating everything by acting things out and being very extravagant and goofy (which they loved), because my Spanish es NO BUENO! Gringa (I hear that a lot) :)! But, I like to think that it´s all in love!

Around noon´ ish we broke off for lunch….after lunch it was GO TIME- Round 2! Waterballoon extravaganza (somehow I managed to stay somewhat dry today?)! Just imagine 40+ kids, three crates of balloons con agua (something like that?), a huge open green field surrounded by lush amazing mountains speckled with small houses in every color you can imagine and a bright sun overhead with just enough cloud coverage to make a perfect day! Not a single day goes by that I don´t step back and think, “Our God is an amazing artist/Creator!”

Side note: Mi Familia en Costa Rica!! We just had the most amazing heart to heart with our host family! They have been such a blessing! These people put us first in everything and yet they continue to thank us (go figure)! We try to turn the tables on them, but they just continue to pour out their souls to us in everything that they do! Needless to say we have bonded and I will be figuring out that whole newage Skype thing when I get home (for those of you who don´t know I´m not the best with technology)! Leaving them will seriously be the hardest part of returning home. The good thing is I can always fly back and stay with them in the future. I can´t say it enough, “I love this family!” They remind me so much of mine back home…they are each others best friends and they put each other first in everything! What an amazing example they are!

Okay, it´s official I have to sleep or else I will fall asleep on some helpless small child on our hike tomorrow…yup, that´s right…you heard it….Hike…! I love me some Costa Rican hiking with the childrens.

Love you all so much (even those who are reading this that are complete strangers),

Rachel Hugs

Typing on this computer is realllllly hard….so, sorry if it doesn´t all come across so great. Doin the best I can.

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  1. Nicole permalink

    WOOOOO!!! I have been reading everyday and have been waiting to see when you would post. Pretty sure I have checked it like 10 times today (beauty of summers off) cause I knew you had to be posting soon being that the trip is coming to an end. So I am pretty sure you just posted this ( I checked like 45 min ago 🙂 ) What can I say I love my sips!! Can I just say that I am 100% jealous that you are getting to hike in COSTA RICA!!! I soooo want to take a trip with you to visit them sometime. What good is being a teacher if you can’t do a little traveling?! I am so proud of the work you are doing and love that you are getting to play with kids!! What an experience. Be safe and we can’t wait to see you soon!! Love, Love, LOVE you… Sipster

  2. thewellmissions permalink*

    LOVE YOU TOO SIPS! Seriously, I can´t wait to see you! You my best friend! LOVE YOU probably more than you love me! Just saying! See you soon! 🙂

    • Nicole permalink

      paaleeezzz… not possible. I am the big Sips I trump you. 🙂 Can’t wait until we can “date” again on a regular basis. Meze House anyone? !! xoxo

      • thewellmissions permalink*

        MEZE! Oh man that sounds fantastic! Tues or Thurs?

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