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Costa Rica es rica


hello there to all our lovely friends and familia,

Costa Rica es rica or in English Costa Rica is RICH.
Definition of RICH according to Merriam-Webster
Having abundant possessions and especially material wealth, having high value or quality, well supplied or endowed, magnificently impressive, sumptuous vivid and deep in color, highly productive or remunerative, having abundant plant nutrients, lush.

Let me count the ways that costa rica is rich… or maybe just two ways because this is a blog and not my lifes masterpiece. (1) Costa Rica is beautiful…wait I´ll say that again Costa Rica is enchantingly beautiful in a way that speaks to my soul to the very core of being.. that leaves me completely in awe of God our master designer. The mountains are steep, green, and lush… before it rains the fog rolls over them like a soft blanket. The slopes are filled with an abundance of delectable fruit-mangos, guava and those beautiful shiny leafed coffee plants. The birds here sing delightful songs in the morning and the geckos decorate the ceiling outside of our home… like I said enchanting -how cool is it to have real live wild geckos. Basically most of the psalms about creation describe what I feel when I look at the mountains here.

(2) The Ticans (Costa Ricans) that we all have had the great pleasure of living with or hanging out with are quite possibly the most wonderful people in the entire world… Wow that was a strong statement, but really we (our team) are all amazed by how we have been invited in to our host families home as family welcomed with open arms. I think a love language here is feeding people.. three meals a day…I have not eaten this much deliciousness since my high school days living with my family. Our host mom, whom I have deemed the best cook in Costa Rica, blesses us or prays for us before we go out the door in the morning and has shared so much with us about her life and love for her country. I can not express the gratitude I feel towards God for putting me with such a wonderful host family. I feel like I have experienced more of his love and life through our family. I have much to learn from Costa Ricans about practicing the hospitality of the Kingdom of God.

Throughout our time here this is the verse that I feel like has described the rich life here for me and our team. I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10

Tomorrow is our last day at our sites and we will be saying goodbye to our Costa Rican friends. On Saturday afternoon will bid farwell to our Tican families and head out to the airport to return home on Sunday and share all our experiences with you.

Blessings, Addie

P.S. I saw the biggest ant that i have ever seen in my entire life today. It was the size of my head, or maybe more like half the size of my pinky finger. So if you know someone who is at the sports or social services site… make sure you ask them about the ants.

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  1. Diane Carr permalink

    Hi, I knew this was your posting before I even got down to your name. I guess a mom should recognize her daughters words by now. You have such a way with them. All of the postings have been very fun to read. Really looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing all about your time there in person. What an amazing adventure. Wishing you all a safe journey home and wonderful last couple of days there. God Bless you all. Love, Mom

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