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Hello all, we have arrived!


Hello family, friends, and strangers, this is Nicole Paul (one of the leaders) writing to you. sorry for a late post due to internet being out but we found some so here we go. Today is day two of being here, yesterday the whole team got lots of rest from the long traveling and played a lot of ping pong and card games. Our hostile entertains us and the people in charge of it are very nice and definitely are making sure we are fed. We had some trouble with passport stuff which left one of our students and our other leader (Jeremiah) having to stay back for a day. Thankfully they were able to catch a late flight and will be here to join the rest of the team today! Praise the Lord, we are excited to see them. Today was our first day of getting a taste of waking up early again and for most of us….its been a while since we have gotten up this early! After a yummy breakfast we got picked up and went to the Dixon family for orientation. Jeff Dixon is in charge of everything over here and he and his wife have been talking to us and teaching us a lot about the culture and we did our first devotional as a team. We read all of 1 John and let me tell you, its a nice reminder to review how God is love, life, and the light in the darkness. I have never been out of the country and it honestly feels like im not far from the US, it feels like im just down town. It poured a ton last night and a little bit ago, you think it rains hard in Fresno? nope! it POURS. Yesterday we walked to a market next to where we’re staying and we were all in rain jackets and sandals. We start going to our sites tomorrow where we get to interact with the people of Costa Rica and really get a taste of life here. So thankful for safe travels getting here and the team is just ready to open their hearts to learn and come along side the student international staff to love on everyone here. As of now we just had lunch and are waiting for Jeremiah and Sean to arrive to finish orientation. oh and one of our team members is playing superman with the Dixon family’s son in the middle of the room. Time for me to go mingle with the team. Thanks for staying tuned and parents….sorry if you have been checking this blog and seeing nothing the past day or so but here’s the first one! yay! Thank you all for your prayers and support. means a ton!

PS their is a lot of green here! Beautiful!

-Nicole Paul

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  1. Ashlyn permalink

    Praying for you all!

  2. July.12.2011

    oh sean. praying for a life changing trip!

  3. Vasiliki permalink

    Hi Honey!!!!(Nicole Paul)
    Good to hear from you!!! Glad to hear all is good! Love you lots!

    Love, Mommy

  4. Bebe Azeez permalink

    Hi Nicole: I told your mom today, if asked where I would like to retire – would be Costa Rica. Growing up in the tropics is an experience and refreshing at the same time. You will after your mission will come home so fulfilled not only making difference in people’s lives but a sense of appreciation. I will pray for you and your safety and making this world a brighter place.

    Love, Bebe

  5. Danielle Paul permalink

    awh! poopy! im glad everything is going well! i miss you so much and i hope you are having so much fun! i love you (pickle face)

    LOVE, D

  6. Reggie & Lori Mohun permalink

    Dear WSM Costa Rica Missions Team ~ We were so happy to hear all of you arrived safely in Costa Rica. May God prepare your hearts, in this outreach ministry, and may He guide your path each day as you venture out to serve in this community, and enrich His Kingdom!

    ~ I can do all things through Him, who strengthens me ~ Philippians 4:13

    Holding each of you in our Hearts & in our Prayers!

    In His Precious Love…

    Reggie & Lori Mohun
    (Our Love to McKay)

  7. July.13.2011

    Nicole, hope your team is doing awesome things for those in Costa Rica, have fun and see you on the 23rd! Love, Dad

  8. July.14.2011

    Soooo glad you all made it there safely! I hope your first day at your sites went well!
    Love and prayers for all!

  9. teri riisom permalink

    Hi Cole,
    Glad you made it there safely and sounds like you are adapting fine. Can’t wait to hear all about meeting the families.
    I love you!

  10. Tina permalink

    Hi Nick,
    Hope you are having an amazing time. Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing pictures!!

  11. michelle permalink

    nicole its all your family commenting on it! they love you and our proud of you, as am I! sounds like everything is going well!!! cant wait to hear more!!

  12. Ashlyn permalink

    Sean! Hope all is going well and you are being challenged and encouraged!!! Can’t wait to hear all your stories at hume! Praying for you! Ling Long

  13. Danielle Paul permalink

    /Users/daniellepaul/Desktop/4-up on 2011-07-16 at 00.03.jpg

    (this is for nicole)

  14. July.22.2011

    Your big sis is SO proud of you! I hope you are having an amazing time and can’t wait to hear about it when you get back to the U, S, and A (veddi nice!) Praying that you make it home safely.

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