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Just Wanted to say Hello!


Hola from Costa Rica! This is Kaitlin. These past four days have been incredible! I feel so blessed to be here. I am working in the area of social services. We have been playing sports with kids from the neighborhood of Las Fuentes, the joy and energy they have is so refreshing! I am so grateful for the two years of Spanish class I have taken, because it has allowed me to communicate with the kids.
This country is absolutely beautiful, so colorful! I love the culture here! While preparing for this trip we were told that things here would be neither good or bad, just different and I am realizing how true this is. I am so glad to be introduced to new ways of life. I have been so comfortable in the way I live for so long, it is nice to learn the lifestyles of other people. I am in awe of God’s work, He is so creative and has made the world so beautiful and wonderful. Our God is amazing.
The team has been growing closer, and our friendships are growing deeper, along with our relationship with Christ. God has been speaking to us in so many different and amazing ways. Please be praying for all of us, that we will continue to keep our focus on Christ and find our strength in Him.
We miss you and look forward to sharing our experiences from the trip!

God Bless,
XOXO -Kaitlin
P.S. Mom & Dad, just wanted to let you know I made it here safely with a ☺. love you both.

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  1. Jack permalink

    Seems like a wonderful experience!

  2. Devyn permalink

    I am so glad you made it there safely!! I miss you! God bless(:

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