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WSM Costa Rica Team Update :: Sean Borgstadt


So the second week started off awesome!!! Yesterday, Austin oso blanco, the intern Charlie beibs, Jeremy, and I started off the day going to the education site and finishing up a trench that we had started Friday. The site had a water leak all along the back wall and so we had to dig a 60 foot long trench that was 4-5 feet deep and 2 feet across and put in plastic and a tube below the foundation. Over the weekend it rained a lot and the trench’s purpose was to divert the water flow which it did great! But we still had to level out the trench Monday morning and find an easily accessible drain. All in all, the trench is done and working and tomorrow we are going to clean up the mud and lay some concrete to finish it off nice and purty. today was also fantastic. We went to the shop in the morning after devotions and just helped a couple of older kids with medicine cabinet projects. We finally had our first class with little kids today which I an super excited about! We had a jenga tournament and I was the loser loser (the most losing-est). Go me. Haha. But today was filled with a couple awesome projects that I finished and tonight we went to a futsal arena (indoor soccer) and the team beat the interns!!! First time that SI staff had lost all summer baby. Wazzupp?! Played a little ping pong and headin to bed pretty soon. What a great trip so far and I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for us!

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  1. July.20.2011

    Hey, Sean! Sounds like an awesome trench–good thing you got that concrete experience with Sam and Pop. Ha You are in our prayers. Go YOU!! Love you lots, Grammy

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