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Hi Guys!

This is Rose 🙂 Today I got the chance to go with an old friend of mine name Maria. She helps run the micro finance site. They meet at all three SI sites and do a mentor ship program with the ladies there. They teach them different things and love on them. We went to love on a lady today who is having problems with her kids and is a single mom of boys. She lives down the hill in a metal shed. Her house is not in the best place in Costa Rica, but she is making it with what she has. Maria and her other leader Cindy, wanted to give her a make-over to help boost herself esteem. At first, I was thinking that this was cool and that it was going to be a simple and easy morning.  What I wasn’t expecting was seeing God use us to show love to this lady who needed to feel special. The way that Maria and Cindy took the time  to cut her hair, do her make-up and just love on her was amazing. We have been ready 1 John this last 2 weeks for devotions and there are more then 20 times that is mentions that God is love and if we don’t love our brothers then we dont love God. And i got to witness my sisters-in-Christ loving on this lady. They didn’t preach to her, tell her she is a sinner or give her a long sad story, no they just loved on her. It is the simple things that makes the difference. I am thankful that i got to go today and show this lady love. I pray that God will continue to  use them to love on the ladies they are working with and that God will open the ladies heart to him.

We are coming down to the last 48 hours in Costa Rica. It is a bittersweet feeling to be going back to the States. We have done so much here and I feel as though there is still so much more we can do but yet our time is done. I know for me this has been a great experience to be able to come back again. I have learned so much about myself, relationship with God and about the WSM students here. They are doing a fantastic job . I have been able to see each and everyone grow so much in the last two weeks here. They have loved the kids, even though they couldn’t speak Spanish. They were willing to get dirty so one of the sites wouldn’t get flooded when it rains. They were always ready to go to their sites and do devotionals at 6:30 am (which is 5:30 am CA times). They played soccer and baseball with kids when it rained. They taught English to kids and taught students how to print photos. They worked hard and I am so proud of each and everyone of them.

Thank You parents for trusting us leaders with your kids, they have been amazing and I cant wait for you guys to hear their stories. We should be able to blog maybe one or two more times but if not we will be seeing you on Saturday!


Rose 🙂

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