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WSM Costa Rica Team Update :: Austin Rurik


Enjoying the greatest moments of my life in a different country make stories about my life sound more interesting. This country is beautiful. And I was so lucky God opened up doors so that I was able to fund raise and join this team for the second year in a row. But I enjoyed the best moment of my life this past Saturday. Surfing. In costa rica. With Dustin, interns Mark and John, and our leader Jeremiah. The only five people in the water. Swells at 5-6 feet.and best of all. Surfing in a downpour of rain. We literally surfed for five hours straight. Enjoying every seconds of the day. The beautiful landscape at Herradura. By the deuce. Herradura literally means horseshoe. The beauty of the cove and everything around made The conditions bearable. The one thing I was thinking about was what deuteronomy “thine are the precious things of the everlasting hills.” The beauty of the mountains surrounding the beach covered in green, the hills and islands making the cove, the beauty of the beach. The almighty God created all these things, The heavenly Father placed every tree, and every grain of sand perfectly because he simply wanted to show the might His little finger could perform. how amazing is that! That same God. Sent his son to die for me. That same God. Loved me before time began. That same God. Knitted me in my mothers womb. In his likeness. That same God. Placed me here in costa rica to serve. That same God. Has love that is never ending. And praise be to God. And how beautiful is his creation. -Austin Ps, kaitlin says hi

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