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Thailand Team Is On The Countdown!!


Family and Friends,

We are in our final stages of preparation for our trip to Thailand. Team members have prepared mentally, physically and spiritually for about 5 months. During that time we have bonded as a team and are ready for the challenges we will face in the little village of Mo Ho Jo in Northern Thailand.

We will be leaving from San Francisco in the first few minutes of December 31 (1:05 AM to be exact) and will arrive in the late afternoon of January 1st in Chiang Mai, Thailand. New Years in the air and crossing the international date line will make for an interesting flight. We actually loose a day – only to get it back when we return as we will land before we take off on the same day!!  (Yeah – figure that one out!)

Please pray for our safety and our effectiveness as we work on a water project, a school house, provide medical care and VBS and look for ways to show Christ’s love to these people. Our ultimate goal is to see the Karen people come to know Christ!!

Just a little info about posting on this blog: We will get a post off after we land and another as late as we can before our journey takes us along bumpy dirt roads for several hours and out of the range of internet/cell phone connections. We may be able to get one post off from the village as there is supposedly a “spot” that sometimes works. We will see. We should be out of contact from sometime late on the 2nd to the 11th or 12th of January. We will post as soon as we can get connected. So no news is good news!!

Thanks for your support, encouragement and prayers.

The 2012 Thailand Team

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