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We Have Arrived!!!


We are safely in Chiang Mai and as I write this we are at the hotel, organized for tomorrow and off to our rooms for a much needed shower.  Our travel was uneventful until we came through customs in Chiang Mai.  There we encountered many questions and had to open a few bags.  Other than waiting until tomorrow morning to get our medicine packs for the clinic, they let us through.  We are very tired, but happy and ready to eat some Thai food for dinner at the night bazzar right around the corner. 

We will leave for the village early tomorrow morning and will try to post at least once from the village.  Please remember that no news is good news.  The connections are spotty!

Please continue to pray for our team and for our work here!

The Thailand Team

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  1. Vicky permalink

    Wow, what an adventure! I know that what you are doing will make a big difference in your lives as well as the lives of others. May our God and Creator of the universe surround you with safety and protection as He watches you change the world for Him. You are His voice and hands. I know your impact will be great.
    With prayers and love to all, and a big hug for Jerry!!!!

  2. Robyn Bahne permalink

    So glad to hear that you are safely there,
    Praying for continued safety and good health for you all, and that God will go before you each, and minister powerfully through you. Blessings, Team Thailand!
    love and hugs to Emily from her mama! Praying that you are warm enough…..

  3. Penner Margie permalink

    Pray that God watches over you as you minister to the Thai people and that they may know the God of the Universe because of your love year after year. Thanks for being such servants for the Lord.
    Harold and Margie

  4. January.5.2012

    We are all praying for all of you to be guided and directed by God to deliver His message of love and help to the people of Thailand. May He greatly bless you all in His guiding light of transforming lives throughout the region you are in. Bless you all in health, good food and water, and a warm feeling of being safe under His watch. We love what you are doing Jerry and hope you find peace and understanding of God’s purpose for you. We love you and hope you are refreshed as you continue your mission of being God’s servant so very far away from home. Owen and Pat (Dad and Mom)

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