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Work Work Work!


Today we are winding up the last little bit of the water project for the village of Whualo which is very near to the village of MoHoJo where we are living.  Whualo is a very poor village and they are very excited to have water!  Many of their children come to the school and are sponsored through the child sponsorship program/Lanna Coffee project.  Some of the team have been working with these students and the others from the surrounding villages in Vacation Bible School.  Lots of crafts and stories and games make for lively VBS’s!!

The ag project is going well.  Today we are planting 1000 or so plants in pots to grow and then later be transplanted into the soil on the hill that the team dug up.  The school house project is moving right along as well.  The footings are being cemented in as we speak and on Monday we hope to get the foundation started.  The medical clinic is seeing many interesting cases and working with the Karen nurse who has moved to the village permanently.  Its great to know that the medical care will be followed up with!

Tomorrow is Sunday and we will have a day of rest. First we will have church, then a hike to see the spring that feeds our water project, and finally we will get to ride the elephants that are near to this village.  We will also get to buy some of the items the village women make.

Tonight we will stop work a little early for a muzzle loader shooting contest, a sling shot contest and some pancakes!!

Thanks for your prayers!

The Thailand Team

One Additional Note:  If you are interested in sponsoring a child please email Jerry Vocalino.

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