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Morocco :: January 1-15, 2011 (Trip is Full)

These short-term exposure trips are meant to help members of The Well see global poverty, see God’s heart for the Nations, and support organizations/individuals we support. They are called Exposure Trips for a reason and are never an end of themselves, but to move members of The Well to action. Whether this is to long-term missions or a adjustment of lifestyles and values we believe you will never be the same.

Morocco with Extended Family Member Holly

Date:: January 1-15, 2011

Cost:: $2,500

About Holly & GMA: GMA uses health care workers to serve communities in Morocco. Through health services partner with communities in a sustainable and lasting manner by giving and serving.

Info::  The primary purpose of this trip is to gain a better understanding of God’s heart for the nations and unreached; to experience what it is like to be a “learner” in a new culture; grasp a taste of what it is like to live, work, minister long-term doing CP in an Muslim nation. This will be done through activities to interact with the culture, possible homestay, and teaching from our team.

The secondary purpose of the trip will be a project in the community done for at most half days, to provide a real way to serve and love in deed; to build relationships in the community. Options are still being explored, but could include painting project for the children’s wing in a local, English lessons in conjunction with a school next to our therapy center and other health related projects (depending on team skill set – see skills desired below). Team Size: 6

Special Skills Desired (but not required): Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Special Education Teacher, General Medical background or Teaching English as a Second Language.

More Infomation:

Apply :: Trip is Full

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