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Thailand :: January 1-16, 2011 (full)

These short-term exposure trips are meant to help members of The Well see global poverty, see God’s heart for the Nations, and support organizations/individuals we support. They are called Exposure Trips for a reason and are never an end of themselves, but to move members of The Well to action. Whether this is to long-term missions or a adjustment of lifestyles and values we believe you will never be the same.

Trip: Thailand with ITDP

Date:: January 1-16, 2011

Cost:: $3,000

About ITDP: Integrated Tribal Development Program is working in Northern Thailand with hill tribe communities to bring them out of poverty through fresh water, education, health, sanitation and economic development.

Vision Trip Info:: This short-term project will arrive in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand and spend a day acclimating before leaving for the village. This will include a full day of driving and hiking. We will work 7 or 8 days in Mo Ho Jo continuing construction on  a dining facility and potentially dorms for a remote school for Karen children. We will then return to Chiang Mai for a day of debriefing. These projects take a lot of hard work, sweat and compassion. By participating you will experience everyday life in the host village, extreme conditions, interesting foods, and family life with your team and the local tribes.  Team Size: 10-16

Special Skills Desired (but not required): Construction, Kids ministry (VBS).

More Info::
Integrated Tribal Development Program
ITDP Brochure

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Photos From Last Year:: To view more click here.

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